Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur Video by Ty Rhame

I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit, but it’s true that you need more that just that in order to be successful. Perseverance, perspiration, initiative, confidence – all of these are big factors in taking a dream to the next level and making it work.

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About Ty Rhame:

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivator, husband, and father Tyson Rhame is an active duty United States Air Force Reserves Lieutenant Colonel who has used his Air Force Academy education, military training, and astute business knowledge to create a wealth of success for himself. Ty Rhame Facebook, Ty Rhame Twitter, Ty Rhame YouTube, Tyson Rhame Tumblr, Tyson Rhame Blogger, and tyrhame.wordpress.com can all be used to view informational material and presentations directly from Tyson Rhame to assist entrepreneurs and cadets in their journeys to success as well as links to his business related philanthropy endeavors.

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